Cabana Suite

The Cabana Suite spa is your new year-round gettaway. With a Built-in overhead umbrella and matching Spa Cover made with Weather Shield material, you’ll always be able to soak in the sun (without being in it!). It also includes:

  1. Built-in Cover Lifter to make removing and replacing your spa’s cover simple
  2. Built-in Fold-up Table perfect for holding drinks, games and more
  3. Built-in Cooler to keep drinks cold
  4. True Form Pillows
  5. And more!



Crossover Collection

Recline in the deep contours of the 730L and experience all that the revolutionary new Crossover Collection Spa has to offer. This 5-6 person hot tub with a full-body lounge has 30 adjustable jets that target shoulders, back muscles and feet for a massaging hydrotherapy experience. Enjoy the comfort pillow headrests to enhance your relaxation. The durable, light weight spa shell comes in six color combinations to blend beautifully into any outdoor or patio environment.


Stonehedge Collection

Ideal for romantic evenings for two, the Fantasy gives you all the benefits of a luxury spa at a fraction of the price. This energy efficient model features stationary eyeball plus dual port spinner stainless steel massage jets operated by Proprietary Digital Controls and powered by a two-speed pump.While some people love the idea of a larger spa with enough space for friends and family, others prefer something a little smaller and more intimate. They love the idea of curling up in the jet bubbles after a hard day at work or capping off a romantic night with a dip in the tub.

Why everyone loves Dream Maker Spas

Dream Maker Spas is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rotationally molded spas and has been a market leader since introducing this type of manufacturing to the spa industry in 1997. Dream Maker Spas is now positioned for a greater level of innovation and technology with a leadership team from within the industry for more than 25 years .

Lightweight & Portable

Moving your spa is simple thanks to the lightweight design, built without heavy fillers or internal structures.

Environmentally friendly

Dream Maker Spas shells are built using 100 percent of recyclable input materials so that no manufacturing waste is produced.

Wide Variety

Since they’re an employee-owned company, they’ve built a reputation for quality products and each employee takes pride and ownership.

Strategic Design

Strategic jet placement and design creates the optimal hot tub experience. The adjustable jets allow you to customize your hydrotherapy experience, and their arrangement pinpoints tension-holding muscle groups for a massage that relieves stress and pain.