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Battle of the Hot Tubs: Hot Spring vs. Marquis

Are visions of hot tubs dancing in your head? We’ve got you covered! Just like shopping for a home or a car, we all have a wish list when selecting a spa. It’s actually a good idea to know which hot tub features are the most important to you and your family. Use this wish list of features to conduct a hot tub brand comparison

Let us help you navigate two of our most popular spa brands: Hot Spring Spas and Marquis Spas. These leading hot tub manufacturers have a huge array of innovative features that are guaranteed to provide relaxation and renewal. Take a peek at their similarities and differences.

Splash Pool & Spa hot tub brand comparison: Hot Spring Spas vs. Marquis Spas


Hot Spring

Exclusive Features* MicroSilk is a cloud of oxygenated bubbles that are gentle and soothing on the skin The FreshWater Salt System automatically generates chlorine
Hydrotherapy H.O.T. Zones are special jets with laminar flow. JetPods also deliver deep tissue, relaxation, shiatsu, or Swedish massage configurations Moto-Massage is a moving jet that sweeps up and down your back. Precision jets also offer targeted relief for shoulders, neck, back, and even calves
Lighting Upgrade to color-changing LEDs with Starlight, Twilight, or Constellation Lighting Color-changing LEDs with six vibrant colors. The Limelight collection also includes illuminated corners
Maintenance ConstantClean includes a unique filtration system that pulls water and debris from the top and bottom of the tub The illuminated Hot Spring logo is an indicator light that changes color when there’s needed maintenance or service
Sanitization Upgrade to an in-line sanitization system with mineral and chlorine cartridges Exclusive no-bypass filtration system. In-line sanitization also provides self-regulating water care
Automation SmartClean software schedules regular cleanup cycles The IQ 2020 spa control system includes a floating touchscreen panel
Design Environments is a series of customizable modules that includes steps, cabinets, and counters Six shell finishes in wood, metal, and stone looks. Add steps or a shade umbrella

 * Please note some features are only offered on specific lines. Our sales team is happy to help you explore the unique qualities of each model.

Curious about audio systems? Need to know about energy use? Want to compare warranties? Both Hot Spring and Marquis offer a range of additional benefits. We’d love to help you evaluate what each model includes. Trust us, we could talk spas all day!

And if you still aren’t sure after researching online and looking at reviews, we invite you to take a test soak! It’s actually the most effective way you can narrow down your choices. Plus it’s a fun way to spend an hour of your time.

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Marquis Spas: Everything You Need To Know

What is nobler than soaking in hot tub luxury? With a name that is synonymous with European aristocracy, Marquis Spas hot tubs have been delivering “the ultimate hot tub experience” for nearly 40 years. We offer three Marquis lines: Signature Series, Celebrity, and Vector21. Learn about why we are proud to carry these models in our showroom!

Exceptional Soaking

Imagine being submerged in a soothing mist of bubbles. MicroSilk is an exclusive oxygen treatment offered by Marquis on select models. MicroSilk bubbles are “approximately 50 to 100 times smaller than a typical hot tub bubble,” resulting in an underwater cloud of gentle relaxation. This feature runs on a separate pump than your jets for a whisper-quiet experience.

Not only does MicroSilk feel great to the touch, but it can promote skin health as well. With oxygen levels at 70% higher than tap water, MicroSilk has the ability to create fresh and glowing skin.

Marquis Spas hot tub with MicroSilk Splash Pool & Spa

Targeted Hydrotherapy

Muscle pain, old injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia – these are just a few of the many medical conditions that can be aided by a hot tub. Signature Series jets are specifically designed to alleviate discomfort. Using a higher output, these H.O.T. Zones create a laminar flow. Users can target the flow to specific areas without worrying about damaging or irritating skin.

Multiple Massage Modes

Everyone can benefit from an array of massage therapies – why limited yourself to one type of hot tub jet? The Vector21 line features distinct Jetpods that can be adjusted or rotated. Pick from deep tissue, relaxation, shiatsu, or Swedish massage configurations. With so many great options, you may have some competition for your favorite seat!

Vector21 models also include Variable Velocity Valves (V3). Users can throttle the flow from 0 to 100% on specific seats to create a truly customizable flow.

Relaxing Reflexology

Your feet are the first ones into the hot tub and the last ones out – they deserve some extra care! Reflexology is a therapy that applies pressure to spots on the feet that are thought to correspond to other areas of the body. The footwells in the Signature Series and Vector21 models have a pebbled texture that stimulates and massages your soles.

Customizable Designs

Need a spot to set drinks, store towels, or add extra seating? Marquis Environments are mix-and-match pieces that include steps, benches, cabinets, stools, and even planters. There are even curved benches and steps that seamlessly fit around your tub’s corners.  Modules are available in five composite colors that coordinate perfectly with your hot tub shell. Environments allow you to create a true outdoor living space with your hot tub as the centerpiece.

Our Annual Floor Model Clearance Hot Tub Sale is active through December 31st! We would love to share more details about Marquis Spas, including features like ConstantClean, aromatherapy, SpaTherapy products, touchscreen controls, and LED lighting. Stop by or contact us for more information.

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Hot Tub Test Soaks: What To Look For

Shopping for a hot tub is so much fun! It’s exciting to imagine how this wonderful feature will add enjoyment to your home. Looking at brochures and floor models is a great place to start, but there’s nothing like an actual soak in a hot tub. That’s why we love inviting our customers to the store for a hot tub test soak. These “wet tests” are the best way to get a complete spa experience and find your perfect hot tub.

What to expect with a hot tub test soak

A hot tub test soak is like buying a car. It’s smart to research online, but you ultimately need to get in one to truly check it out. During a wet test, you will soak in several models and try key features.

Once you schedule a specific time for your test soak, simply bring your bathing suit and get ready to relax! We even lower the window shades to create a sense of privacy and a nighttime feel.

We also recommend that you bring family members or friends – their opinion is just as valuable as yours. We’ve had everyone from couples and best friends to an entire family with six kids! Invite anyone who will spend time in the hot tub with you.

What to evaluate during a test soak

You can do a test soak at any point in your shopping process with. Sometimes we have customers who have no idea where to start and feel overwhelmed by their options. We also have customers who are debating between two favorites and are close to making a decision. Either way, a wet test is the best way to narrow down your choices.

Plan to try 3-4 models during your test soak. You’ll have around 10-15 minutes to experience each spa. As you enjoy the warm waters, here are five features to evaluate:

Jets– Pay attention to jet pressure, style, and placement. For example, some people enjoy soothing hydrotherapy while others want a deep tissue massage. Some spas even offer a different jet configuration on every seat.

Hot Tub Test Soaks: What To Look For - Splash Pool & Spa

Seat Styles –Think about seat shape and height. Some models have upright seats at different levels, which ensures children and taller adults can find a comfortable place to rest. Even the difference between a straight bench and a contoured shell might change your mind. Lounging seats are also popular because they mimic a reclining chair.

Roominess– No one wants to feel crammed into a spa. This is another reason why we encourage you to invite family members. You can have several people soaking to see if everyone feels like they have enough space.

Lighting –Hot tub lighting has come a long way! Many models now have color-changing LEDs you can set to a specific mood. But some customers find that something as simple as brightness can be a deal breaker. Especially if you plan to use your spa at night, lights should feel comfortable on your eyes.

Shell and Cabinet Colors – Sometimes a picture can’t do a spa justice. We have costumers who fall in love with a model in the brochure but then change their mind once they see it in real life. This is an investment that will provide years of memories– you want to feel confident you’ll still enjoy the design down the road.

We can’t wait to help you find your ideal spa! But please know there’s no pressure to make a final decision during your test soak. Our retail staff will be available to answer any questions and are happy to send you home with additional information about your selections. Schedule your wet test here!

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Differences Between Traditional And Infrared Saunas

Close your eyes and imagine climbing into a sauna. You probably pictured people bathing in a steamy wood room. But you’re only half right! In addition to traditional steam saunas, infrared saunas are gaining popularity. Both versions offer incredible relaxation and self-care. Learn about the difference between traditional and infrared saunas.

Traditional saunas

Traditional saunas use heated rocks and water to produce steam. This humidity envelops bathers in a layer of warm air. Many people enjoy this type of humidity, with temperatures ranging from 150-185 degrees. Note that it can take 30-40 minutes for a traditional sauna to reach your desired temperature.

Finnleo Hallmark Traditional Sauna - Splash Pool & Spa

Finnleo Hallmark Series Traditional Sauna

Infrared saunas

Infrared saunas emit infrared light, which is a type of radiant energy. These wavelengths produce heat that our bodies absorb. Unlike steam saunas, this is a completely dry heat. Infrared operates between 120-140 degrees, which penetrates the body’s core and promotes sweating.Infrared saunas are also having a celebrity moment right now – Lady Gaga uses them to manage chronic pain and Jennifer Aniston uses them for skin care.

Health Benefits

Both traditional steam and infrared saunas provide numerous health benefits, including:

  • Reduced muscle soreness
  • Lowered risk of high blood pressure
  • Relief for chronic pain
  • Decreased stress
  • Cleansing for skin

Saunas are also good for your social health! Especially for couples or small groups, a sauna is a great way to spend quality time with each other. Not to mention that we can all benefit from slipping away for some alone time. Either way, a sauna encourages us to put away our electronics and connect with others and ourselves. Who doesn’t need time to sit and relax?

Finnleo Infrared S820 Sauna - Splash Pool & Spa

Finnleo S820 Infrared Sauna

Custom Designs

The similarities between infrared and traditional saunas don’t stop there. Both have plug-and-play options that are easy to install. Maintenance is virtually identical and only requires mild cleaners once a month.

Both infrared and steam saunas have a traditional design with a wood-lined cabinet. But you can also customize the look of either version. Use your creativity and select size, door styles, window options, bench configurations, wall finishes, and recessed lighting.

But the best thing they have in common? Cost! Both have a comparable price depending on size and features.

The only notable difference is that you don’t have to wait for an infrared sauna to heat up. You just turn it on and step inside to begin bathing. Some people appreciate adjusting to the temperature as it gradually rises.

Otherwise, choosing an infrared or a traditional steam sauna comes down to personal preference. Do you enjoy wet or dry heat? Do you mind waiting for your sauna to heat up or do you want to use it at any moment? And if you really can’t decide, there are even hybrid saunas that combine both options!

Splash Pool & Spa proudly offers several models from Finnleo. We’d love to help you find your perfect sauna.

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